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The Need for a Managed Services Provider vs the Need for a Break/Fix Solution

Operating costs can “eat away” at a business budget. Computer network disasters can cost time and money for you and your customers. Unexpected technical issues can wreck havoc with your business bottom line. Waiting for your computers to break isn’t an option. There are 7 benefits of managed services according to Dina Dadian, a trusted Managed Services Provider (MSP). These are:


  1. Managed services that are specifically designed for Business IT issues
  2. Fixed price for IT support services
  3. 24/7 monitoring of network and peripherals
  4. Reduced downtime
  5. No overages or unexpected fees
  6. Helpdesk geared towards Business IT needs


Break/Fix solutions are still needed. Physical equipment does break down. The combination of the two services could help your business succeed. Prudent businesses invest in managed service providers that provide businesses with fixed prices for their services. Managed services can help you anticipate needed repairs and help you avoid costly fixes.